Working with Grief Workshop

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Working with Grief Workshop

Help People to Deal with Grief

Dealing with grief can be a very challenging time for those experiencing it. Observing someone suffering from grief and being unable to help them can be equally distressing.

Grief is a term used to describe all the thoughts, behaviour and feelings that occur after someone goes through a bereavement. A bereavement is any event that includes a loss. We may experience loss through the death of someone close to us, or a relationship breakdown, divorce, theft, a disability, illness, miscarriage and so on.

What will you learn?


Nature and scope of grief and bereavement

Stages of grief
Adjustment to bereavement
Supporting those that are grieving
Self-care strategies

What is the format?

This is a 4-hour workshop.

Cost: $180 includes presentation handouts

Time: 9am-1pm