Sexual And Gender Identity

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Sexual And Gender Identity

Each of us has a gender and gender identity. Our gender identity is our deepest feelings about our gender.

As a society we are growing to be more inclusive and accepting of sexuality and its different approaches. In saying this there is still things that are at times challenging in accepting our sexuality and gender orientation. We hear a lot of talk from society on what is right or different, and sometimes this can cloud our minds and confuse us, leading to depression, conflict and sometimes loneliness and isolation.

Red Point Psychology is a safe space in this turmoil. We invite you to come and talk with one of our trained Psychologists who can assist in seeing through the clouds and helping you accept who you are. We know taking the first step to share is difficult, and understand that at times you may have faced rejection when you have previous shared, but instead of going it alone, reach out again, we are there for you.