Business And
    Life Coaching

    Do you find yourself desiring to fulfill those dreams and goals, however feel confused, overwhelmed, lost, lacking motivation or direction.


    General Well-Being

    Well being is a state of feeling good about ourselves and the way our lives are going.


    Work Life
    Balance Concerns

    Everyone talks about the importance of achieving the elusive work/life balance.



    At times, we are faced with decisions about future life pathways, careers and also relationships.


    Sexual And
    Gender Identity

    Each of us has a gender and gender identity. Our gender identity is our deepest feelings about our gender.


    Depression & Anxiety

    In our life journeys, we all face times where we are low emotionally and anxious about aspects of our lives, and times where we are on top of things.


    Parent and child

    This is a time of great change as children move towards adulthood. Many of the things we are familiar with…

Red Point Psychology & Coaching Can Provide Support

Red Point Psychology & Coaching understands that we all go through different seasons in our lives. We face times when we are on top of everything.


Certificates & Verifications

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