Parent and child









Parenting is a difficult task, we want to be able to get it right and support our children, sometimes we do get it right, other times it seems that all is not “good in the hood”….Be assured that as a parent it is not your role to know everything or get everything right.

As children grow and develop they are faced with different challenges, e.g. school, friendships, peer acceptance family separation etc.  Particularly in Adolescence children go through numbers of changes in their bodies not just in their environment.  Peer group sometimes becomes more important than family or relationships with parents.  At this stage parents move to becoming more of a guide to provide the adolescent opportunities to develop socially and emotionally into effective members of society.  This transition for both parent and child is challenging, and friction at times builds for both the adolescent and parent.

Sometimes things get overwhelming for the adolescent, and there may seem that there is no way out of an ever increasing cloud.  There is a way out…We are to be there and walk with alongside you and support.

Parents, sometimes your kids at this stage need to talk to someone independent, also sometimes you might need to chat to someone yourself.

Warning signs for self-harm or suicide