About Us


We are all on a journey in life; sometimes our journeys are smooth, other times our journey is rough and challenges us.  It is in these times that you may need someone to walk with you for a time.  Red Point Psychology is here for those times.  Walking with you we will support you enabling you in developing strength and resilience to continue on your life journey.

Meeting with a Psychologist can be daunting; we undertake to make your visit as comfortable as possible.  We will answer any questions that you have regarding the experience, treatment and expectations. Red Point Psychology & Coaching employs registered Psychologists who listen to your story providing support that is relevant and practical to your individual situation.  We are a small practice located on the south side of Wollongong in the beach side suburb of Port Kembla. Our rooms are comfortable, homely and confidential space for you to feel at home and comfortable when you come and visit.


Our principle psychologist is David Hammer.  David has over 15 years of experience in working with corporate organisations supporting people in achieving their personal and professional goals. This experience provides David with understanding of the things that can affect people on their personal life journey.  Further to this David is an active researcher with the University of Wollongong.  His particular interest is in children’s academic and social development through early education to adolescence.

David’s experience also enables him skills in working with adults who are experiencing challenges in the workplace or in their personal lives, whether this is work life balance concerns, anxiety, depression or grief or loss of loved ones.  David is focused on the client and their needs and will support the client with applied and relevant strategies giving practical support.

Research papers written and presentation:

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